Some projects I've been working on after hours

DescriptionTechnology used[Link]
Krulowa Fal II - network applicationC, XML[link]
Krulowa Fal II - serviceTCL, Eggdrop API[link]
Psychomod 2 - Quake 3 modC[link]
MP3 scripts - for managing music collectionsBash[link]
SNMP scripts - perform various SNMP tasksBash[link]
Kvirc (IRC client) scriptsKvirc[link]
Twitter to IRC bot customizationPython[link]
Quake Xorg Vidmode chooserC, Xorg API[link]

I contribute to the folowing projects

Gentoo Linux:
Asterisk PBX:
Ezquake Linux QuakeWorld client:
Music On Console (ncurses based music player):

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